PAC (Parent Advisory Council) is an advisory group (to the administration) made up of parents.  We are led by a president or co-president.  We meet once a month, exchange ideas with the LHS Administration, fundraise for our own projects (gifts to LHS) or sometimes the administration brings an idea to us to be circulated, discussed, funded etc.  We provide our members with monthly guest speakers from within the building to share ideas on new initiatives, current programs, drug awareness. We develop the Staff Appreciation luncheon every year as a tangible thank you to the teachers and staff.  Also, we develop a directory for other parents with contact information (parent-to-parent support) and we have a pretty good email list to 'get-the-word-out' to involved parents.


What a great way to kick of the new year! What a great way for parents who have a student at the high school for the first time to get a feel for the high school environment. If you know anyone with a first student at LHS, please encourage them to join the pac and meet some of the people who will influence their children's high school experience.

All parents and guardians are welcome to come to the PAC meetings. You don't have to join and donations are optional. If you do join, you will get the PAC directory, and we may send you an email from time to time asking you to vote on a proposal, like using PAC funds to pay for a program for the students.

So far we have 60 new PAC members, and plenty more will roll in for the next month or two. The Directory will start popping up in your emails in about a month.
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Members receive a copy of the LHS Student Directory and donations support valuable programs.

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